100% organic argan oil

Senteurs du Sud argan oil is 100% natural, organic, pure argan oil. It is made in France and certified by EcoCert and Cosmebio. Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, argan oil is the best natural health/body care product of all times. Extracting 100% from organic argan trees, this product can nourish and revitalize your skin.  It fights against dry skins, softens the epidermis and prevents skin from ageing. Apart from applying it on skin, this product can also be applied on hair before shampoo or after for very dry hair. It is efficient in regenerating hair, calming frizzy ends and to strengthen nails. Moreover, argan oil can be used for medical purpose. It soothes burns, arthritis and muscle soreness.

Senteurs du Sud堅果油是100%天然,有機的純堅果油。由法國製造, 擁有EcoCert有機認證。堅果油含有豐富的維生素E和必需脂肪酸, 是最天然的護理產品。Senteurs du Sud堅果油100%由有機堅果樹提取, 有效滋潤和活化你的皮膚。對抗乾燥的皮膚,堅果油軟化你的皮膚表皮,防止肌膚老化。除了於皮膚上,Senteurs du Sud堅果油還可作滋潤乾燥髮質, 修補受損分叉的髮尾。此外,堅果油更可用於醫療目的如舒緩燒傷,關節炎和肌肉酸痛等。

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Organic cosmetics certified by EcoCert EcoCert有機認證
Made in France 法國製造
 Rich in Vitamin E and anti-oxidant 含有豐富維生素E和抗氧化劑
 Moisturize your skin 滋潤肌膚
 Improve skin condition 改善皮膚狀況
 Soften the texture of the hair and add brightness 滋潤髮質,增添光澤
 Can be applied on skin and hair 適用於皮膚和頭髮
 Good for medical use: Burns, arthritis and muscle soreness 醫療用途:燒傷,關節炎和肌肉酸痛


Use :

Use pure or to enrich your face cream and body milk. Perfect to nourish and repair the dry hair and fortify the nails. To improve its efficiency, we advise to use it on a wet skin or hair. Let penetrates with circular movments.


INCI Ingredients :

Argania spinosa*

*ingredients from organic farming.

Organic cosmetics certified by ECOCERT and complies with the COSMEBIO charter.